Olugbemi Olukolade

Adesanya Bolaji

Adesanya Bolaji is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology from the University of Ibadan. He is a clinical psychologist with vast experience in the management of patients with different psychological disotders. He began his career in mental field in 2010 at the department of Psychology, University of Ibadan, where he had since continued to garner experience in providing psychotherapy and assesments.

He has alot of experience in therapeautic models such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, behaviour therapy etc. Also, he has some experience in conducting tests such as MMPI-2, WISC-V, etc.

Adesanya employs a practical and workable approach to life issues, leading to solutions in many seemingly challengingly situations. Adesanya has alot of interest in treating and providing therapy for children and adults with various disabilities/disorder.

His areas of experience include but not limited to: Trauma management, Psychological testing, Depression, Anxiety, Compulsive disorder.

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