Olugbemi Olukolade

Olukolade Olugbemi (Ph.D)

Dr. Olukolade is a through-bred clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who is strong believer in the use of psychological theories to help people. He began his career in mental health field in 2006 at the department of psychology University of Ibadan, where he obtained his master in Clinical psychology degree.

He has more than 9 years professional experience in providing psychotherapy for different illnesses. He has expertise in Cognitive behavioural therapy, Exposure therapy, Behaviour family therapy, couple therapy and sex therapy. He has exquisite experience in conducting various tests especially intelligence test; he has a strong bias for neuropsychological assessments and recently developed cognitive rehabilitation protocol for post-stroke survivors.

Olukolade employs a workable and solution based approach to life issues, leading to opportunities in seemingly difficult situations. Dr. Olukolade has interests in treating children and adults with various disabilities/disorders such as insomnia, learning disorders, memory, mood, anxiety, sexual dysfunctions and marital problems/conflicts. He is an avid motivational speaker and life coach.

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