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What to Expect

At DiamondMoor Psychological Consult and Services, consultation with a Psychologist typically involves the following process:

  • Discussing your reasons for coming, and reviewing any referral information/letter received.
  • Reviewing your emotions (or psychological health) as well as your behaviors and responses.
  • Helping you understand the reasons behind your difficulties.
  • Helping you to develop specific goals for treatment and identify areas for change.
  • Assisting you to develop effective coping strategies.
  • Helping you to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Sessions are usually 45-60 minutes in length per session. The number of sessions required will vary and is usually negotiated between the psychologist and yourself, depending upon illness, your progress and goals.


There is a cost for attending sessions at DiamondMoor Psychological Consult and Services. However, further information can be obtained by contacting us or discussing with your reffering agent.

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