Welcome to DiamondMoor Psychological Consult and Services

DiamondMoor is a practice located in Ibadan, which provides mainly psychology based services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Our psychologists have post-graduate training in clinical psychology and provide a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hyponosis and Sex therapy etc.

Our aim is to support clients in developing skills and strategies for addressing a variety of difficulties, whilst also enhancing general well being and coping skills.

We are able to see clients across a range of days and times, with after-hours appointments also available. Additionally, all psychologists working within the practice are registered with the NACP and NAP as psychology service providers, allowing clients opportunities to achieve highest quality in their sessions.

Therapy Services

The organization offers different types of therapy including individual or group therapy depending on the psychological issues presented by the clients…

Training & Consultacy

DiamondMoor Psychological Services and Consult offers different types of training for and consultancy to individuals, organizations and communities…

Psychological Assessment

We offer professional psychological intervention such as (CBT, REBT, Hypnosis etc), that is most appropriate to alleviate individual’s identified problems…

Our Mission Statement

To help people who are experiencing mental health problem, substance or alcohol abuse, addiction, homelessness, hopelessness or other issues in their lives so they can respond to and overcome the stressors that they experience in the home, school, workplace and community with resilience and positive coping responses.

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