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Training Services

  1. Understanding and Responding to Needs of Children with Disabilities: A Guide for Teachers
    • Module i: Understanding Individual Differences in Children
    • Module ii: Assessing Needs
    • Module iii: Responding to Diversity
  2. Integrated Approval to Early Identification and Enhancement Capacity with Children with Disability
    • Module i: Overview of Neuro-developmental Disorders
    • Module ii: Planning Rehabilitation Programs
    • Module iii: Understanding Task versus Learning Tasks
  3. Teaching Teachers in Responding to Children’s Needs “Practical things that Works
    • Module i: Responding to Motivation
    • Module ii: Responding to Communication
    • Module iii: Responding to Mobility
    • Module iv: Responding to Attention and Concentration
  4. Managing Non-Compliance and Challenging Behaviours
    • Module i: Managing Non-compliance and Challenging Behaviours
    • Module ii: How to Effectively Challenge Non-compliance and Challenging Behaviour
    • Module iii: Behaviour Modification
  5. Practical guide in Engaging people with Special Needs
    • Module i: Overview of Engaging Special People
    • Module ii: Teaching Strategies
    • Module iii: IQ Impact on Learning
    • Module iv: Using Assistive Technology
    • Module v: Manipulation of Environment to Create Change
  6. Managing Communication Problems in People with Special Needs
    • Module i: Overview /Types of Communication Disorders
    • Module ii: Assessment Methods in Managing Communication Disorder
    • Module iii: Practical Solutions in Communication Disorder
  7. Understanding and Managing Aggression and Violence in People with Intellectual Disabilities
    • Module i: Overview of Aggression
    • Module ii: Causes of Aggression in People with Disabilities
    • Module iii: Important Predictors of Aggression in People with Disabilities
    • Module iv: Working through Violence in People with Intellectual Disability
  8. Stress Management for Caregivers of People with Intellectual Disability
  9. Stress Management for parents of People with Intellectual Disability
  10. Teaching Independence for People with Intellectual Disability without Tears

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