I could never really explain what was going on with me, today I was feeling so high, happy, elated, happy beyond doubt, it felt good, far better than the gloominess that plagued the last few months. Certain times I felt like my emotions were like the weather, up and sunny today, down and raining tomorrow, dry and bland the next.

Chioma’s story was quite different, she was in a perpetual state of ‘unhappy’, we are not too sure what events out of the several bad one’s eventually undid her but one thing was sure, the bright and happy Chioma we all fell in love with and came to care a whole lot about was gone with the winds of life’s afflictions. Was it the death of her father? Or the boyfriend who zoomed off with her younger sister? Or was it the abortion that claimed her womb or just maybe it was the money scam that took it all?

And still yet Tolu’s story was even more enigmatic, Tolu no doubt was a ‘weather man’, his mood tuned to the tides of the climate. You might ask what my stories are about, why I share them or you might connect with them and have versions of yours to share. These stories are stories of mood disorders.

Tolu and his many moods

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing mood disorders and if you go back a few posts here, you will find detailed descriptions of what mood disorders are and how they are diagnosed, causes and symptoms. But now that you know you have a mood disorder, is there a way out or are you forever doomed? 

Yes, myself, Chioma and Tolu too, like many others diagnosed with mood disorders wondered the same. NO! And mind you, we say this emphatically, NO! YOU ARE NOT DOOMED. 

You are not doomed!

How Do the Therapists Conclude its a Mood Disorder?

A quick recap of how mood disorders are diagnosed. When an individual presents his or her symptoms to a therapist, together with physical examinations, it is critical that a mental status or mental health examination is done by a mental health professional. Both forms of evaluation are essential, first to rule out the possibility of the symptoms being associated with biological medical conditions and to ascertain the specific nature of the mental illness symptoms being presented. 

Bear in mind that, mental illnesses are one of the world’s leading under-diagnosed conditions, primarily because people with these illnesses fail to seek appropriate mental health care. The first step towards complete mental health is seeking out help and visiting a professional. Here in Nigeria, Diamondmoor Psychological Services is a trusted facility that provides adequate mental health care.

Treatment Options for Mood Disorders 

Mood disorders are treated in two major ways; through the use of medications and therapy. Occasionally, however, it turns out that they are lifelong persistent illnesses in some cases and are intermittent in some other cases. The good news is that people with mood disorders can go on to live healthy and productive lives despite the illness. 

One thing that helps make the treatment more effective is adequate knowledge about the condition, recognising possible triggers and features of potential relapse situation. All of which helps you thrive and overcome mood disorders.

While regular health care professional lean more towards the use of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications as well as other commonly prescribed medications, psychological care and therapy are being recognised as an equally effective option if not the preferred treatment option. Cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy are the leading therapy modules used by psychologists all over the world to help people diagnosed with mood disorders function well.

The first step to recovery is seeking out help and talking to a professional. We strongly subscribe to the ideology that a problem shared is half solved but a mental health problem shared with a professional is the biggest step towards recovery.

The biggest step towards recovery.

Join us in our next post as we disband the myths surrounding yet another mental illness. In the meantime, follow us on all our social media handles for day-to-day updates.

As Arthur Ashe rightly puts it,

Take the first step today…

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