We have had an exciting couple of weeks discussing work-life balance so far; the different facets of work, life and how exactly to balance these key areas. The end result of our topic of interest is going to end at fostering good success and excellence.

Excellence in life and excellence at work, much more than the angles we have looked at this in examining this rather broad topic, we move on to discuss traits, tips and habits that guarantee success.

What Am I Doing Right?

You might wonder like I have had in time past, “what exactly am I doing right? What exactly am I doing wrong? What should I stop doing? What should I begin to do? How has all of this affected my life and level of success positively or negatively both at work and at home?”

Self Awareness and Success

Joyce Marter (a psychologist and the Founder of the Urban Balance Company) sheds more light on what successful people do. According to her,

“Being successful requires us to wake up and be present in our lives, aligning ourselves, our greatest destiny and mapping out the way”

We must according to her “consciously select a path that facilitates the awakening of our awareness, both individually and collectively.” To sum up her stance on success, Joyce highly recommends self-awareness as a path to success. Successful people go the extra mile by not only being aware of ‘self’ but of purpose; talent, calling (whatever you choose to call it), what it is exactly what we aim to achieve at every single point in time, and then to consciously draft out a plan towards the realization of these goals. She also stresses the importance of becoming aware as individuals and as a collective (either a team, co-workers or family members).

We all Want to be Happy!

In order to begin to gain control over and to balance out your life, you must start from within. Research findings also suggest that happiness or the emotional state of being happy can be controlled by the individual. So, are you willing to begin your journey to self-awareness, happiness, work-life balance and of course success?

Self-awareness is the barrier that helps to check that you stick to the nature of your true self and yet still interact with your external environment. As the Harvard professor, Gilbert Daniel puts it; at the root of every human decision is a desire to be happy, does your current career status or relationship with family and friends make you happy?

Ten Habits of Successful People

If yes, begin as we mentioned earlier and take it a step further by incorporating these ten habits of successful people by;

  • Becoming aware of self.
  • Driving purpose and passion individually and as a collective.
  • Writing out their vision.
  • Drawing up a plan to realise this vision.
  • Becoming your own biggest cheerleader.
  • Always making an attempt.
  • Persevering
  • Celebrating the small and big wins.
  • Building strong relationships.
  • Finding pleasure in whatsoever you do per time.

With this, we have come to the end of our work-life balance series. Join us in our next post as we look at another interesting and crucial topic. In the meantime, do leave your comments, views or questions in the comment section and share this post with someone who would benefit from it. Connect with us on our social media platforms.